Speakers & Sessions:

Our sessions and workshops are designed to proclaim the truth behind some of the biggest cultural topics and questions of the day.

Arrive to the main sessions early for some games and prizes.




Patti Height: Truth About Identity, Sex and Gender

As a teen, Patti abused drugs and alcohol to bury the pain of childhood trauma, and in her 20s, embraced a gay, gender non-conformed identity. That all changed forever when Patti gave her heart to the Lord in 2003 after living many years believing the lie that there was no real hope for change. She then founded of Egypt Ministries which focuses on equipping the body of Christ to minister to those who identify as a part of the LGBT community.

Sharing Session 2: Truth About Identity, Sex and Gender


Kevin Conover: The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

Kevin teaches Christians how to share and defend their faith in the Bible. He has been teaching high school and college students for more than 13 years, and has an MA in apologetics from Biola University. He is the founder of Educate For Life, an online Bible apologetics curriculum that teaches students how to respond to questions about creation, evolution, world religions, relativism, human sexuality, the credibility of the Bible, and much more. 

Sharing Session 4: The Stunning Scientific Accuracy of the Bible


Chris DuFour: Truth About Objective Worldview

Chris is currently the Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel Santee and has been teaching youth for 16 years. He has a passion for sharing God’s word and God’s truth with the next generation. He established the Truth Quest Conference in Santee in 2021.

Sharing Session 1: Truth About Objective Truth

Joe Culp: Truth About False Gospels

Joe is the Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Big Bear. He is dedicated to teaching, preaching, and defending the Word of God. His desire is to bring the truth of God to a hurting and confused generation.

Sharing Session 5: Truth About False Gospels

Matt Delmore: Truth About Peace

Matt has been serving in youth ministry for 8 years and is passionate about teaching the Bible and sharing truth with teens.

Sharing Session 3: Truth About Peace


Workshops are specialized on different topics with time set aside for questions and discussion. 



workshop block 1  |  Monday 10:30am  |  Choose one:

Workshop #1 | 10:30am | With brook tacheff | High School Room

Don’t Dare Compare – Comparison vs. Contentment

Comparing yourself to others will be a never-ending journey of sorrows. Instead, let’s dive into the source of never-ending contentment.

Workshop #2 | 10:30am | with Missy & Brian blanton| Main Sanctuary

Truth About Abortion

Missy and Brian share the truth behind this topic as well as Missy’s testimony and first hand experience with Abortion.
*parental discretion advised.

Workshop #3 | 10:30am | With Billy Walton| Jr. High Room

Truth About Lust and Porn (guys only)

Lust is a serious addiction that all guys face. Learn the truth about how easily it can become an addiction and how to have victory over it. (This workshop is for guys only) *parental discretion advised.



workshop block 2  |  Monday 3:00pm  |  Choose one:

Workshop #4 | 3:00pm | With DJ Judd | High School Room

Evolution – Opinion Disguised As Truth

Many supporters of Evolution see it as airtight proof that there was no Creator. We’ll be giving careful scrutiny to the theory to see if it’s as factual as they claim.

Workshop #5 | 3:00pm | with Patti Height | Main Sanctuary

How To Share With LGBTQ+ Friends and Family

Patti shares how we can share the truth with love to the LGBTQ+ community.
*parental discretion advised.

Workshop #6 | 3:00pm | with Gavin Trinidad | Jr. High Room

How We Got The Bible

Learn how the Bible is the most reliable ancient work and how we ended up with the books of the Bible we have today


SunDAY 2/18

3:30pm — Check-in / Free Time / Snack Bar

4:30pm — SESSION 1: Truth About Objective Worldview 

6:00am — Dinner / Free Time  / Snack Bar

7:00pm — SESSION 2: Truth About Identity, Sex & Gender

8:30pm — Cookie Break / Snack Bar

9:00pm — Concert with Dominic Balli

10:00pm — Day 1 Ends



8:00am — Check-in / Coffee & Donuts / Free Time

9:00am — SESSION 3: Truth About Peace

10:30am — WORKSHOPS 1 (choose 1):

Truth About Abortion — Missy & Brian Blanton (Sanctuary)
Don’t Dare Compare — Brook Tacheff (HS Room) Truth About Lust & Porn (Guys only) — Bill Walton (JH Room)

11:30am — Lunch / Free Time / Activities / Snack Bar

3:00pm — WORKSHOPS 2 (choose 1):

How to share with LGBTQ Friends/Family — Patti Height (Sanctuary)
Evolution, Opinion Disguised as Truth — DJ Judd (HS Room)
How We Got The Bible — Gavin Trinidad (JH Room)

4:00pm — SESSION 4: Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

5:30pm — Dinner / Free time

6:30pm — SESSION 5: Truth About False Gospels

8:00pm — Closing Worship 

9:00pm — Day 2 Ends

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